10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Flats in Mylapore

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Think about Mylapore. What does it remind you of? The good vibes of the pleasant temples, the taste of freshly brewed filter coffee, the melodious sounds of the sabha katcheris are the trademark of the locality. Mylapore, the most vibrant locality of the city, adds great value and a splash of pomp to Chennai city. While we all know what pride the city holds in the locality, it is also an undeniable fact that Mylapore is the best place to reside in. Buying flats in Mylapore can be the best decision that you can make. Do you want reasons to buy flats in Mylapore? This blog will give you some. Read through to know more. 

According to The Indian Express, “Chennai logs 93% rise in residential demand in first of 2021.”

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Flats in Mylapore

1. Located in the Heart Of the City 

Mylapore is literally located in the heart of Chennai, and this is one of the best reasons to buy flats in Mylapore. Given that it is in the centre of the city, it is easily connected with major attractions, making it the most preferred locality to reside in Chennai. Be it Nungambakam, T.nagar, Annanagar, or many other happening and attractive locations of the city, you can be assured that they are just 30 minutes away from Mylapore. 

2. Easy accessibility to primary needs 

Mylapore provides great accessibility to all the basic and primary needs and more. When looking for a space to reside, transportation facilities and medical care are something that a person looks for. There are numerous public transportation options like metro, buses, autos, cabs, etc. There are numerous hi-tech hospitals and medical centres within and around the location of Mylapore. This is one of the major reasons to buy flats in Mylapore. 

3. Basic amenities and great facilities 

Water and electricity are the two eyes of a location, and one can not compromise on both. Most often, given the nature of the city and the overload of population, it is not surprising that many locations lack a proper supply of water and face electricity shortages. If you buy flats in Mylapore, you will have a consistent flow of water and electricity and will face no hassles in it. Mylapore has access to various other advanced facilities, proper sewage systems, storm drainers, bridges, a sustainable environment and more. 

4. A paradise for temple lovers 

If you are someone who is mesmerized by the beauty of temples and loves to get lost in the tranquillity of the temples and their vibrance, then Mylapore is the right place for you. Be it the Kapalesshwarar temple or the St.Thomas Cathedral Basilica; the locality is drenched in great vibes of the temples. Given that there are numerous temples and that they can be accessed easily is one of the best reasons to buy flats in Mylapore. 

5. Near to many educational institutions and corporates 

Mylapore is the hub of numerous well known and reputed schools, and colleges, in and around its location. This makes it one of the best places to reside as a family and with children. Not just that, but it is also a great place to reside for people who hustle best at their jobs. There are many corporates and IT parks in and around the location. There you have all the best reasons to buy flats in Mylapore and carryout a living here.  

6. Higher resale value 

Given that Mylapore is a great locality with numerous amenities, facilities and comfortable living conditions, the locality will always be a highly sought after one. Investing in it by buying a flat in Mylapore is the best and wise long term investment for you. However, if you plan to sell it at any point in time, then guess what? The resale value will be multiples times higher than the value of the property when it was bought. A great resale value is all the reasons to buy flats in Mylapore. 

7. A great passive income investment

Even if you are not a fan of residing in Mylapore, you can generate passive income through renting your flats. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your cash flow flowing and to also make the best investment as the value of your flat in Mylapore will continue to grow and soar up high as days go on. Leasing out and renting out are the best ways to generate income for anyone who has an idea to buy flats in Mylapore. 

8. Numerous Entertainment hubs 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and true to that, we all need entertainment and fun every now and then. Be it a movie theatre, music sabha, commercial centres, shopping malls, restaurants, resto-bars, or children’s play parks; there is all that you need in and around the locality. If you get a flat in one of the best flats in Mylapore, then rest be assured that you will have great entertainment centres on the premises of the flat itself. To take entertainment as a serious business is one of the major reasons to buy flats in Mylapore. 

9. Perfect place for your south Indian taste buds

The hot idlis and dosa accompanied with the nicely grounded coconut chutney, flavourful sambar and freshly brewed filtered coffee are all that Mylaporians need to get through a day. There are numerous eateries in Mylapore that the locals relish at. Mylapore is known for its authentic South Indian food, and getting a flat in Mylapore comes with a great blessing to your taste buds. 

10. Sense of belongingness, community and wellbeing 

Mylapore in itself is a place where people are bounded in tight-knit communities. It is also known that people who live in flats indulge in community activities and have a great way to socialize with people within their premises. Given today’s times, companionship and socializing with others is very much a need. If you buy flats in Mylapore, you will be assured of a great sense of belonging and wellbeing. 

If you are planning to buy flats in Mylapore, then Antara by Tulive GK Shetty, is the best investment that you can make. 

Why Invest in Antara- The Highest Note in The Symphony of Grandeur

  • Luxurious 2 BHK and 3BHK flats at the best price. 
  • Has a great spacious area with 9 units and 5 floors. 
  • Located between the lush green trees and is a getaway in the city centre. 
  • Worldclass living amenities, great comfort and privacy. 
  • The contemporary finish of the flats elevates the vibe and beauty of the locality drenched in tradition. 

To book a flat at Antara, contact us at 044- 71 64 6010 or visit our website https://tulivegkshetty.com


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